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  1. A storytelling sensibility combined with an instinct for atmosphere and mood: Dutch avant-pop artist Flora Sophi creates moving stories that invite the listener in. Weaving her clear, crystalline voice through synister synths and electronic beats, she creates a constant tension play between light and dark.

    With the release of her debut album If/When (2022) Flora Sophi has given the world a record packed with rich, unusual sounds, yet simultaneously manages to remain minimalistic as well. Though looking for a bigger sound, she has never ceased to have a keen eye for detail. In this high-contrast work with pulsating synth sounds and trip-hop beats, she uses her dynamic vocal lines to tell us about the many places where we could and should feel at home. Specifically the emptiness and space in both her musical compositions as well as vocals, ensures that one will remain fascinated while listening to this sophisticated sound palette. Flora Sophi’s music – created both in Amsterdam as well as in Berlin – takes inspiration from artists such as JFDR, Thomas Azier and Portishead.

  2. "'If/When' is an album that feels both immediate and eternal" 

    "A spacious tapestry of sound full of beautiful details"