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  1. Electronic textures and fragile soundscapes: indie-pop artist Flora Sophi creates moving stories that invite the listener in. Weaving her clear, crystalline voice through synister synths and beats, she creates a constant tension play between light and dark.

    After living in Berlin for several years, Flora Sophi is back in her hometown Amsterdam. Inspired by these two creative cities, her music brings together influences of pop, triphop and electronica. She takes musical inspiration from artists such as Björk, Laurie Anderson, JFDR and Portishead.

    On Nov. 11, 2022, her debut album "If/When" was released on the Berlin-based label Above the Quiet. A search for where you feel at home, for what you call a home. Combining a storytelling sensibility with an instinct for atmosphere and mood she's creating worlds that feel both immediate and eternal – each of her songs is a small cosmos that you can dive into and explore.'If/When' is available to listen to on all music platforms and on limited edition vinyl.

  2. "'If/When' is an album that feels both immediate and eternal," 

    "A spacious tapestry of sound full of beautiful details"