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  1. 24 Tapes is a sound installation consisting of one tape player, one pair of headphones and 24 audio cassette tapes. The project is an experiment in analog crowdsourcing and community art; the tapes are created over the duration of the installation, and contain recordings made in and around the location in collaboration with the people encountered there.

    Visitors are invited to browse the collection like a sonic reading room, and are invited to collaborate and contribute. Thus this evolving archive of stories – interviews, discussions, original music and poems, found sound anthologies, one-take podcasts, mini documentaries – becomes a shared folder of local experience, an anthem for the community.

    24 Tapes is a pilot project by Future Baby, a collective founded by Jethro Cooke and Flora Dekkers to explore new ways to build communities with art and technology. The project was trialed at Drift Record Store in Totnes, UK, in July 2019, and will visit Amsterdam in Spring 2020.