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  1. Flora Sophi's songs hang in space like elegant mobiles in perfect balance. Weaving her clear, crystalline voice through subtle electronic textures, stripped back arrangements and fragile soundscapes, she crafts moving stories that invite the listener to reflect.

    Flora Sophi is a singer and composer from Amsterdam. After she graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam she spent three years in Berlin, where she recorded her eponymous first EP. Shaped in the scenes of these two creative cities, her music brings together influences from jazz, pop and electronica, combining a storytelling sensibility with an instinct for atmosphere and mood to create worlds that feel both immediate and eternal – each of her songs is a small cosmos that you can dive into and explore.

    Her debut album If/When will be released in autumn 2022 with the berlin record label Above the Quiet.

  2. "a crystal clear voice accompanied by sinister synthesizers, a constant tension between light and dark."